The Volusia History blog is written by Denny Bowden.  Topics will generally focus on the history of the coastal areas of Volusia County.  Comments are encouraged to be history-based to add your experiences or knowledge of the history of the area.  (Comments that merely “like” the blog or praise it will not usually be of interest to readers, so they will not generally be posted.)


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Eric T. Deem said:

    Dear Mr. Bowden,

    Found out from Ron Hurtibise on Facebook that you were the author of this blog. This is a GREAT blog for learning the local history we weren’t taught in school !

    If I learned one thing from your Journalism class back at Spruce Creek (I was in the class with Deborah Bell and James Harper) was the difference between JOURNALISM….and reporting the news. I don’t know if you remember the question I posed to you back in those days….if T.V. News would ever replace the newspaper?

    You told me, “Never, because T.V. news is limited to the length of its broadcast, whereas a journalist can have his story printed as long lengthwise as he needs, and that a newspaper story will always give more details.”

    Interesting how much journalism has changed since the internet became widely available….

    Thanks Again,

    Eric T. Deem
    Jonesboro, GA 30238

  2. Deb Brown said:

    Hi Mr. Bowden!

    You probably won’t remember that you were my journalism teacher at Mainland back in 1972-73 with The Porpoise, which was not the “in” activity that year. (The popular kids wanted to work on the year book.) A lot of classes and students have passed through since. I know that you met my sister when she was the principal’s secretary at Spruce Creek and, later, at Pine Ridge. And I know that you two made a connection to me somehow but I don’t recall how that came about!

    From our class I remember the deadlines and all the typing I did that year to get things ready to take for printing and, if I remember correctly, it was on a manual typewriter to boot – Whew! We’ve come a long way with computers and desktop publishing!

    I love your blog and I’m slowly catching up with all of the area history which is quite fascinating and often overlooked. We can’t forget our heritage. My brother forwarded some of your previous postings which made me aware of what you were doing and I put two-and-two together to figure out it is you. He’s a volunteer with the Halifax Historical Society and absorbs history like a sponge!

    Is Henry David Thoreau still one of your favorite authors? (!!!)

    With Fondness,
    Deb (Clarida) Brown
    Lake City, FL

    Of course, I remember you–the student who honored me possibly more than any student I ever taught in my decades of teaching. I treasure those complete journals of Henry David Thoreau, which you arranged for the staff to buy as a gift of appreciation (I have always assumed that you, more than anyone else were the spark of this generosity).

    Ten years later I wrote my master’s thesis on Thoreau’s A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, and twenty-five years after your gift I completed my Ph.D., writing a dissertation that ends with a chapter on Thoreau’s lecture/essay “The Succession of Forest Trees.”

    I hope you’ll e-mail me at dennybowden@bellsouth.net for us to catch up on the past 42 years.

  3. Charlie Robert Luther said:

    Dear Mr. Bowden:

    What a pleasure it was today to stumble upon this blog. My family has lived in the Halifax area since the 1870’s; yet I am amazed at how much I have learned from just a few hours perusing the fascinating history of my home county you so graciously share here. I have subscribed to updates and am sure I will enjoy the visits yet to come.

    You were my journalism teacher senior year at Mainland (1974-75). Unable to attend your regular 6th period class due to after-school obligations, you graciously gave of your personal time, scheduling me as a class of one during your mid-morning planning period. Despite the inconveniences for you, you never complained. Through your unselfish efforts, you imparted to me a gift that changed my life; the ability to express oneself via the written word.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the difference you made in my life.

    All the best,

    Charlie Robert Luther

  4. Bonnie Tippets said:

    Hello! Your essay on the Daytona bridges was very interesting, but you forgot to mention my great-grandfather, John Manley, who came down from Kansas in the late 1870s and built a sawmill on “Manley’s Island,” at the far north end of today’s Beach Street, just north of the Main Street bridge. He provided lots of lumber for the new houses being built and later for some of the lighthouse structures, floating the wood down the river to the inlet. He married Lizzie Lamb from Massachusetts in 1880. from Bonnie Tippets, Colleyville, Tx..

  5. Judy Reed said:

    Hi Denny. I am learning a lot about Volusia County from your blog. Miss seeing you and Barbara.

  6. I’m interested in learning more. I just moved down here from Indiana & am a huge history buff. Are there any markers where anything took place? Thanks, Jason

  7. Constance Barrett Ferrar said:

    For some strange reason, what I was viewing disappeared before I could ask a question. Now I don’t even know the full name to look it up. It was a story about the —-Miller Sci-fi author. Do you, or anyone, know his parents/grandparents? We could be step-relatives. Thank you for your blog.

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